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What to expect

Each week will highlight a Goddess or powerful feminine archetype from one of the many current and historic cultures that recognize(d) Goddesses. You’ll get some of her history (HERstory) or a way she has been interpreted. Sometimes suggested journaling questions or additional activities will be included. The Goddess for the week may be chosen completely at random. Or, one Goddess may be highlighted for a month, or maybe a series or theme will be planned over a certain amount of time…we’ll just see where the Muse decides to take this!

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Engage the Divine Feminine

Goddesses teach us about our power and strength, as well as our weaknesses and challenges.

Learn over time

Build up your knowledge about goddesses through short weekly morsels of information.

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Empower your Inner Goddess!

“When she knows which “goddesses” are dominant forces within her, a woman acquires self-knowledge about the strength of certain instincts, about priorities and abilities, about the possibilities of finding personal meaning through choices others might not encourage.”

~ Jean Shinoda Bolen

Goddess archetypes have internal and external aspects to them. By learning about and connecting with the external, mythological Goddesses, we gain insight into and experience with our own Inner Goddess.

How does that work?

It’s all about archetypes.  Archetypes are patterns of energies in mass consciousness that manifest in the human psyche. They are universal concepts, symbols and motifs (such as hero, warrior, creator, rebel, princess, healer, wild woman, and also compassion, envy, wisdom, and beauty).

The goddesses of myths and legends embody and exemplify the archetypal energies of the divine feminine. These subtle energies influence our thoughts, actions and beliefs. Bringing awareness to how they are playing out in our lives allows us to engage them more deliberately and empower our own Inner Goddess.

How this is supported

Mostly I’m doing this to share what I learn and create a community of fellow journeyers exploring the realm of the Goddess in her many configurations. Each email will also include a brief promotional item – usually an event I’m offering or an affiliate offering that I want to support. If you do decide to purchase something that I promote, doing so through the affiliate link on the email will help support this website and the Goddess Wisdom emails.